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About the Company

Our history

G4 Cargo is a company focused on foreign trade services, mainly on International and National Logistics and Transportation. A history that began after the joining of active and expert professionals with a large experience and the idea of building a strong company, focusing on customers’ satisfaction and on efficient and clear processes.

G4 Cargo was founded to operate on transportation services, consultancy and on the whole logistics world, since the origin of cargoes until their destination points, focusing on the best cost-time-benefits’ relation.

Our operational and administrative structure is based on large expertise, due to the vast experience of company’s partners and contributors to offer the best solutions to our customers on all their needs and locations.

G4 Cargo’s philosophy is to work on total synergy with time’s evolution and to be continuously updated on the needs of those who search for the best solutions on International and National Transportation. Our care, organization, efficiency and enthusiasm guarantee a competitive and successful differential towards our competitors.

The participation of Brazil in the International Market is quite far from the ideal volume. This country’s potential, of continental dimension, is huge and goes far beyond the export of only commodities. With the certainty that this capacity will be gradually increased and the exports will be growing properly that G4 Cargo was founded, with a solid knowledge on air and sea transportation, on a way to guarantee to its customers’ processes agility, efficacy and lower costs. Considering the extreme competition that Brazilian products face around the world, to guarantee quality and low costs on logistics procedures is a competitive advantage that needs to be considered.


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To simplify, to expedite
and to optimize services
on Foreign Trade.

Our Vision

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To be a Freight Forwarder
with National and International
coverage on the main markets.

Our Values

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The Customer our priority,
Cooperation and Commitment with people
Our staff focused on results
Excellency on services
Celebrating our conquers
Continuous communication for
continuous improvement
Efficient products, effective fruits.

Quality Policy

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G4 Cargo is one of the international Freight Forwarders constituted with the main purpose to reach excellency on customers’ services, suppliers and international partners. To assure such excellency we count on great professionals with a large Foreign Trade’s experience on our staff, adding values on our commercial, operational and financial sectors. Among our services, we may detach:

LCL Shipments

FCL Shipments

Complete Sea

Air Transportation


Customs Clearance

Road Transport


G4 Cargo is the Freight Forwarder that your company needs to reduce operational costs and, to improve import and export services through agile, efficient and flexible methods, capable to offer competitive advantages on your business.

ISO 9001:2015
The quality on G4 Cargo’s processes is not restricted to the considerable experience of its contributors and to the innovators ideals that are part of company’s base. On a much more structured and embracing way, the company’s methods and processes were built based on ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, granting the excellency on our Quality Management model.

The certification process that G4 Cargo held came to grant credibility to the methods used on internal issues and processes, to improve the staff’s capacitation, to monitor the company’s working environment, to certify customers, contributors and suppliers’ satisfaction in a continuous improvement of the Quality Management system.


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